Process for Coaching Certification in Vermont
All school based coaches (K-12 paid or volunteers) must complete the NFHS Concussion in Sports on-line course before they may begin coaching. This course is good for 2 years and must be re-taken every two years. The course is available at
All paid High School coaches must be certified within one year of hire in order to continue coaching in Vermont.  In order to be certified, a coach must take: Fundamentals of Coaching (or equivalent) & Sports First Aid (or equivalent).
While we recognize that this can create a burden for small schools or schools with high coaching turnover, it is imperative that we ensure that Vermont student-athletes are being taught by individuals trained in the best coaching practices.  Monetary concerns should take a back seat to physical and mental safety concerns when we consider what is best for our high school athletes.
Each High School Athletic Director is responsible to maintain a list of certified coaches employed by the school district.  This list must be submitted electronically to the VPA Coaching Education Coordinator at the start of each season.
Coaches who are not certified (within one year of hire) are immediately ineligible to coach in the regular season and will be ineligible to coach in VPA sponsored post season tournaments or competitions. 
Fundamentals of Coaching and Sports First Aid Courses are available 24/7 to coaches online (
Fundamentals of Coaching - Will be offered to all coaches as the standard for coaching education in Vermont.  It is available on-line at a cost of $55.  The ASEP course also meets the VSADA/VPA standard and can be found at
Sports First Aid - Eligible First Aid Courses (Meets standards set by NFHS, VPA and VSADA) 
  • NFHS First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches (still #1 recommended course
  • PREPARE (National Center for Sports Safety) *
  • ASEP Sport First Aid*
  • First Aid/AED/CPR (American Red Cross)*
  • First Aid (American Red Cross)*
  • Wilderness First Aid (American Red Cross)*
  • Sport Safety Training (American Red Cross)*
  • Sports Injury Prevention and First Aid (American Red Cross)*
  • American Heart Association Heart Saver First Aid (or First Aid, CPR, AED)*
(*any course EXCEPT NFHS Course requires certificate of completion/completion card to be faxed to 262-6828).
Immediate Exemptions for First Aid requirement (require proof to be faxed to 802-262-6828) 
  • Current Athletic Training certification or licensure in any state
  • Current Instructor of ASEP, American Red Cross or American Heart Association First Aid Course
  • First Responder, EMT, Paramedic Licensure
Possible exemptions for First Aid requirement (transcript must faxed to 802-262-6828 to initiate a waiver request) 
  • College course in Athletic Training or First Aid
It is very important to note that if you choose to allow your coaches to satisfy the first aid requirement through any other method than the NFHS course; you must fax the certificate of completion to me before they are approved to coach.  I cannot ‘search’ any database for any other course, so paper copies are required. You can also scan and email the certificate if that is easier.  You must also keep a copy of that certificate in your files in case of questions/lawsuits/inquiries.
On a side note, the NFHS course continues to be one of the best and least expensive courses available. The added bonus is that proof of completion is always available online and is transferable to other states.

The VSADA is the state professional organization for all high school and middle school athletic directors in Vermont. The organization provides services and opportunities for professional development and networking among it members.

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