In 1977, the constitution and bylaws were written to govern the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. The leaders at that time established the following goals for the organization:
  • Promote the professional growth and prestige of athletic administration;
  • Provide the opportunity to participate;
  • Provide educational programs for the membership;
  • Emphasize quality in all operations provided to the membership.
The Leadership Training Program and the Certification Program (combined in 2013 into the Professional Development Academy) epitomize these organizational goals. These principles, paramount in 1977, are most evident in the development of the Leadership Training educational courses and a program through which athletic administrators can obtain three different levels of certification. It is up to each individual athletic administrator to participate in the educational offerings and certification program of the NIAAA. Each athletic administrator has the opportunity to take professional educational LTP courses and to become certified as a state or national instructor. Leadership training is user-friendly because the program is state-instruction driven.
Leadership training and certification are two vehicles the NIAAA has developed for preparing athletic administrators to function more efficiently and professionally within the local school and community. The purpose of leadership training is to present best practices in use today that will better prepare the athletic administrator to offer quality programs for students across the country. Certification offers an opportunity for the athletic administrator to continue a program of professional growth and development.
Athletic administrators are encouraged to participate in the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute either at the state or national level. They are further encouraged to remain on the cutting edge of our profession by obtaining their certification as an RAA, CAA or CMAA.
The NIAAA Professional Development Academy is a voluntary program designed by athletic administrators for athletic administrators. Athletic administrators who complete LTI courses will have attained additional knowledge and perspective of the athletic administrator's role. Completion of leadership training courses will enhance the daily operations of the athletic department and improve the program administered. The athletic administrator who attains professional certification will have demonstrated the completion of a comprehensive plan for self-improvement. Individuals involved in both of these programs will enhance their ability to serve the students school, community and professional organization.
All athletic administrators are encouraged to take part in both the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute and the NIAAA Certification Program. LTI courses are offered at regional meetings, state meetings, during the national conference or via the Internet. Leadership training courses and certification are not designed solely for NIAAA members; it is our desire that all athletic administrators will see the value of the organization and join to receive additional membership benefits.
Within the field of secondary school athletic administration, the certification program intends:

  • To promote professional standards, practices and ethics;
  • To encourage self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement;
  • To improve performance by encouraging participation in a continuing program of professional growth and development;
  • To identify levels of educational training essential for effective athletic administration;
  • To foster professional contributions to the field;
  • To maximize the benefits received by the school community from the leadership provided by certified athletic administrators.

  • Develop a sense of personal and professional satisfaction.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the profession.
  • Provide growth of professional knowledge and expertise.
  • Enhance the perception of the profession.
  • Increase the potential for employment opportunities or incentive.
  • Participate in a nationally registered program.
The Certification Program provides a means for the athletic administrator to develop professionally. The attainment may be for personal goals, may serve as a practical vehicle for attaining continuing education requirements or salary enhancements. The process of certification certainly has the potential to provide systematic, professional growth in a profession that has been characterized by various educational preparations.
The NIAAA Certification Program is a voluntary professional service to athletic administrators with various levels of experience and preparation. The athletic administrators may earn certification as a Registered Athletic Administrator (RAA), Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) and/or Certified Master Athletic Administrator (CMAA). Less experienced athletic administrators, master coaches and graduate students may choose to make them-selves more marketable with the RAA designation. The more experienced athletic administrator may still be able to earn the designation of CAA as a result of involvement in the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute as well as other professional growth opportunities and services. Finally, through additional leadership training coursework, education, experience and leadership as well as the development of school/community-based programs, an athletic administrator may qualify to attain the designation of CMAA.
The NIAAA Certification Program is based on the premises of continuing education, professional growth and program development in the field of athletic administration. It recognizes and incorporates the benefits of the structure and professional development opportunities that are provided by the NIAAA Professional Development Academy. The attainment of professional certification demonstrates the completion of a comprehensive plan for self-improvement that will enhance the ability of the athletic administrator to better serve his or her school, community and profession. Professional certification will result in a genuine sense of accomplishment and confidence in one's preparation.
The implementation of three levels of NIAAA certification affords every athletic administrator with a "blueprint" for achieving professional growth through a systematic, progressive process of developmental experiences.


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